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Just Like Honey ~ Ajax Bell

Just Like Honey Save it on Goodreads.  Buy it on Amazon. The Story Artist Ryan Ikeda’s domestic bliss shatters after an invitation to join a career-launching gallery show in 1990s Seattle. His artistic uncertainty and secret desires, dangerous as turpentine and flame, threaten to torch his bond with Ben, his handsome boyfriend, and muse. Suddenly, instability rocks every aspect of Ryan’s life: his grandmother’s sinking health, his friends moving on to new jobs, even his apartment is endangered. Worst of all, Ben’s work demands more time away from home, the overload of changes jeopardizing the stability of their open relationship. Ryan’s long-time friends advise him to jump headlong into the colorful Seattle art scene. However, … [Read More...] about Just Like Honey ~ Ajax Bell

Special Teams (Underground Book 1) ~ Sean Michael @SeanMichael09 – Strong sexy alpha male – kinky sex and intense relationships.

I don’t know why all the hype about 50 shades of whatever when there are stories by author Sean Michael to read.  This is the real ‘emotional and scorching hot’ deal!  This author is the master, creating intense sexual relationships with strong male characters and he does it so incredibly well with these two.  The story includes plenty of kinky intimacy but as with all of this author’s stories, the focus is on how the kink enhances the relationship.  I especially enjoy the strong sexy alpha males who can be dominant or submissive, as their own psyche demands. Kiefer thinks that he knows what he needs to unwind from his extremely high-stress job as a SWAT sniper, to be satisfied if only for a short time, but he doesn’t believe that he … [Read More...] about Special Teams (Underground Book 1) ~ Sean Michael @SeanMichael09 – Strong sexy alpha male – kinky sex and intense relationships.

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Josh & Joey – Instalove with Myles and Micah

It took three days to say “I love you” — then, 13 months later, it was “I do”. ~Rare Some readers of romance novels, contemporary het romance as well as LGBTQ+ romance, are put off by what they see as 'instalove', stories where the two main characters are immediately attracted and within a short period of time in a monogamous relationship.  This is a story of 'BIG INSTALOVE' with much more.  These two young men knew that they wanted to be witheach other and that they wanted children, a family.  They had mutual goals and made those a reality.  The first picture contains a link to the Rare story. The story is lovely and Josh and Joey are so darn real and fun to follow on IG and YouTube. Links provided in the pictures below. Click on … [Read More...] about Josh & Joey – Instalove with Myles and Micah

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