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Mad & Marvelous by Elizabeth Varlet

The Sassy Boyz are Back!

Published May 7, 2018


The Story

Hop Lovette isn’t afraid to take risks. Being the bastard son of New York royalty has never given him anything but heartache. So when the Sassy Boyz land a contract at club Switch, he knows it’s only a matter of time before his marvelous world is turned on its head: the owner is his childhood rival.

Rafe Marson owes Hop’s father everything, and he’s on a mission to repay his debts. Nothing will stand in his way—not even a wild, beautiful, maddening blast from his past. Not even when Hop stirs up feelings better left dormant. Not even when Hop begs to be taken.

When opportunity knocks, Hop is the one who needs to step up and help Rafe. But working together without being together is harder than they thought—and when everything they’ve been working toward is threatened, Rafe will need to prove that true love is one in a million.


My Review

Full disclosure:  I LOVE the Sassy Boyz with their originality, androgynous glamour and charisma.  Since the very first story, I’ve been hooked.  Male dancers in heels,  more than GoGo dancers, the Boyz put on a stimulating SHOW in the style of @YanisMarshall and @BrianFriedman !  The characters are realistic although not like anyone I know.  Larger than life!  They are a family, a chosen family with a variety of troubled, complicated backstories and painful relationships.  The author used a recipe for this latest creation that included surprises, suspense, a bit of D’s, submission, and plenty of passion for a delicious, flavorful experience.

Hop is the newest member of the Sassy Boys and even though they are inclusive, Hop doesn’t feel as talented, as good as the others so he has to work twice as hard just to be “OK”, at least in his mind.

With troubled history as the illegitimate son of a wealthy businessman, Hop has been angry and sad and felt abandoned nearly his entire life.  His father’s right-hand man, Rafe has bailed him out of more trouble than he can remember but that seems long ago and when Hop needed him the most, Rafe wasn’t there.  Hop has been abandoned by everyone.  His mother is gone.  Rafe is long gone and there is no relationship, no contact from Hop’s father.   Hop has complicated feelings about Rafe because Rafe has the close relationship with Hop’s father that he wishes that he had.

Rafe has his own problems, most significantly, the debt that he owes to Hop’s father.  He is focused and determined to pay him off and get out of his clutches.

The story is woven around feelings, miscommunication, and misunderstandings as well as desire, need for closeness, caring and to trust.

The biggest problem with this story is that I’m left with wanting more, wanting the next Sassy Boyz Story!



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ON THE ICE – A STICK SIDE NOVEL New Release by AMY AISLIN @Amy_Aislin @signalboostpr – #Hockey #MM #Romance #Demi!

New Release Review:  ON THE ICE – A STICK SIDE NOVEL  


May 8, 2018


The Story

For college sophomore Mitch Greyson, determination and persistence are the name of the game if he wants to make it as a professional hockey player. A busy schedule of practices, games, classes, homework, two part-time jobs—and now, working with a tutor to help him pass the class he’s failing so that he can keep his scholarship—shouldn’t leave him with enough time to flirt with the NHL player in town. But that doesn’t stop him.

Placed on the injured reserve list until his broken arm heals, NHL defenseman Alex Dean is using the time off to be with his ailing grandfather and get a head start on the book he’s been commissioned to write. He doesn’t expect to get roped into a tutoring gig, especially not for cocky, smart-ass Mitch.

But Alex soon discovers that there’s more to Mitch than meets the eye…and he really likes what he sees. Only Alex doesn’t dare risk his NHL career by coming out, and a relationship between them would jeopardize Mitch’s chances with the organization too.

It looks impossible. Then again, the best things usually do..

The Review

A really fun and entertaining hockey romance with an age and experience gap.  Family relationships are important to the story and the main character’s role within the family is the basis for subsequent decisions.

College hockey player, Mitch’s mother is almost a caricature of the cold, unfeeling businesswoman who views her son as of little value other than what he might provide to her business needs.  She doesn’t know him or care to know him and his father accepts her behavior.

The author illustrates Alex’s feelings about Mitch’s mother “And you might also see periods of scattered showers made up of Greta Westlake’s victim’s tears during the cold front.”  She was such a witch!

Mitch has no illusions about his parents, especially his mother but that can’t keep him down.  He is self-motivated and determined to succeed, playing college hockey and working three jobs.  Without good grades, his house of cards would collapse and things came to a critical point just about the time pro-hockey player Alex was invited to speak at one of his classes.

Alex noticed Mitch right away and for some reason, Mitch made him very uncomfortable.  Mitch’s interest in Alex was physical, sexual while Alex had little interest in sex.  Despite his best efforts to remain aloof, Alex was soon drawn in to care for Mitch and help him to recover some of his lost childhood.

I enjoyed the push and pull dynamic of these two.  Alex is currently recovering from an injury and just reaching a point where he needs to look ahead and figure out what’s next.  Mitch, is still in college, hoping for the chance to play pro hockey.  The two men are at very different points in their lives.  They are also miles apart in their approach to sexuality.  Alex has little to no interest and has always avoided social situations while Mitch is comfortable with his sexuality and sexual drive.

I truly enjoyed the story and especially liked the main characters.  I wanted them to find what they were looking for (even if they weren’t aware of the search) in each other.  I did find this to be an emotional story with happy tears alternating with sad tears.

You SHOULD add this to your TBR.






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